2015+ Ford Mustang S550 Rear Dual Caliper Kit

2015+ Ford Mustang S550 Rear Dual Caliper Kit


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Our dual caliper rear brake kit for the 2015+ Mustang features a machined aluminum dual caliper bracket and rotor hat.  These items utilize Wilwood brake components to complete the kit (sold separately).  The rotor hat allows you to run either 1/2-20, 14mm or 5/8 lug studs and is both hub centric and lug centric so there is no slop in rotor alignment. *This kit does require the removal of the top mounting ear on each rear spindle for the factory caliper.

The wilwood components you will need to use to complete this kit are:

4- Wilwood CALIPER  120-9695-SI
2- Wilwood REAR PAD 15B-9836K
2- Wilwood ROTOR 160-3202
2- Wilwood BOLT KIT 230-8390

5 in stock



We developed this dual caliper kit to replace both rear calipers on the rear of a 2015+ Ford Mustang. We have been using this same kit on our pro level drift cars for the past 9 years. This kit removes the heavy factory rear brakes and rotors while providing a mounting solution for lighter weight race rotors and calipers. We developed this kit to work with 1/2″, 14mm and 5/8″ lug studs along with the rotor hats being both lug and hub centric to remove any movement from the rotor during braking. Installation does require removing one of the factory rear caliper mounts on the knuckle.

This kit includes 2 rotor hats, 2 dual caliper brackets and all hardware needed to mount the Wilwood calipers to the brackets.

The brackets sandwich between the knuckle and wheel bearing and utilized the factory hardware.

Parts needed to complete the kit:

4- Wilwood Calipers: 120-9695
2- Wilwood Rear pads: 15B-9836K
2- Wilwood Rotors: 160-3202
2- Wilwood Rotor hat bolt kit: 230-8390


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