The Hot Line Capra solution includes chassis rails, electronics mount, battery mount, skid, sliders, cage mounts and links. The only thing you’ll need to source are the driveshafts which we’ve listed lengths you’ll need at the end of the description.

We have tested both drag axle and rear steer setups with our rails and links.

Each chassis rail set is made from 3mm carbon fiber, this includes both rails, one being unique to mount an optional dig servo, a battery tray that fits up front and an electronics tray than fits in the middle of the chassis.

Our skids, sliders and rail to cage adapters are all 3d printed using Nylon 12 through MJF technology which has high resolution and has consistent isotropic mechanical properties.

This creates a clean finish with good strength and thermal properties. This is definitely not the cheapest option for 3d printing, but we felt like delivering the best quality product while keeping cost in mind was the right direction

The Hot Line Chopra Capra includes a skid to mount a factory Capra transmission. We have not tested other Capra style transmissions so we can not verify fitment on those.

Each skid will included hardware to mount the lower links as well as mount the transmission to the skid.

There are several options to choose from for the rest of the options which you can find in the drop down menu’s.

Chassis and skid kit: $165

The Chassis and skid kit includes chassis rails, battery and electronics trays, capra transmission skid, 70mm chassis standoff that mount between the rear chassis mounting location and all extra hardware that’s needed.

Slider options:
Hi slider: $25
These sliders offer the most slider clearance.

We suggest selecting the Hi slider option for use with the 3 gear trans skid and 3 gear rail combo.

This is because it does not provide side protection if a dig servo is mounted on the Capra rails.

If you don’t plan on running a dig then this doesn’t apply.

Mid Slider: $25
These sliders offer good slider clearance but also offer micro dig servo protection when using in combination with the Capra rails.

We suggest selecting the Mid Slider option for use with both the Capra skid/Capra rail combo as well as the 3 gear skid/3 gear rail combo.

Lo Slider: $25
These sliders off less slider clearance and also provide an opportunity to retain a trimmed side panel to complete the look of a Chopra Capra.

These sliders also offer very good side protection for the micro dig servo used on the Capra rails.

We suggest selecting the Lo Slider option for use with the Capra skid/Capra rail combo especially if using the micro dig mount.

Capra cage Mounting kit: $25

This kit includes:

Front rail to cage adapters that mimic the factory style cage and mount between the Capra cage and front chassis rails.

Rear rail to cage adapters that space the factory cage correctly on the chassis rails.

Rear cage completion bar, this replaces the rear tube on the factory cage to provide a clean finished look.

Link kit: $65

This kit includes 5mm Titanium links that you’ll reuse your factory rod ends on.

We’ve set the wheelbase to ~12.8″ but can be adjusted using optional mounting holes and slightly adjusting rod end engagement if desired.

Stock servo mount kit: $15

This kit adds a spacer and servo horn to utilize the factory Capra servo.

The factory servo, if setup properly works sufficiently to activate the dig on the stock transmission.  However a good upgrade is either the Reefs micro 99, Reefs micro smart 179 or NSDRC RS100 micro servo.

If you are using an aftermarket micro servo, with the same dimensions as the Reefs 99 micro servo, for the dig function you do not need the stock servo mount kit.

A 14mm servo horn is suggested for proper dig function.

Drive Shaft lengths:

Front drive shaft length collapsed-extended: 74-84mm

Rear drive shaft length collapsed-extended: 152-158mm

We suggest using cut to length drive shafts from companies like Exo EXO titanium cut to length driveshaft or Dlux fab Dlux Fab cut to length chromo driveshaft

There are cheaper options on sites like Amazon or eBay as well.

To get the best performance out of the stock Capra transmission we suggest using either a Hobby wing fusion pro motor/esc combo or Tekin roc 412 1800kv sensored motor with Mamba micro x2 esc.

We have tested both and have had great results with the Capra transmission.

Battery tray area:

70mm x 36mm x 30mm

We suggest looking for batteries slightly smaller then these dimensions to allow a little space in the battery tray area.  We’ve fit up to 1500mah 3s with success.

Hot Line Capra build instructions HERE